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James Bail Bonds Inc

Local & State-Federal-Intrerstate

18800 NW 2ND AVE, SUITE#121
Miami Gardens, Florida, 33169
United States of America

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Category: Bail Bonds

James Bail Bondsman Services in Miami Gardens Florida

About James Bail Bonds Inc

Website James Bail Bonds INC in Miami is a trusted bondsman service that has been serving the people South Florida for many years. Their track record and reviews tells it all, with un-matched timely service, punctuality and discipline. James Bail Bonds prized themselves in keeping ther promises to their clients and guiding them in the right path while on their pre-released conditions.


James Bail Bonds is a Florida bail bonding company. We service Municipal, State, Superior and Federal Courts in any state and in any city. When needed, we are there!

Our professional staff understands the tremendous stress on the families, as well as the defendant (s) when arranging bail for a friend or loved one. Our team will do everything possible to expedite the release process and ensure a smooth transaction.

Whether you are facing charges related to a misdemeanor, felony, or a federal case, Free At James Bail Bonds is here to serve you.

Call us now and we will gladly walk you through the process. Feel free to inquire about our payment plan options if necessary.

24 hour service
Creative methods of release driven by compassion Each case is assessed individually versus going strictly by the book guidelines that is the industry norm We accept cash, credit cards, checks, ATM/debit/check cards, money order, western union, and wire transfer

The entire process can be done via facsimile and the telephone

We answer all questions and concerns before and after the defendant's release
We provide our clients with knowledge of the bail process
We are here to serve you until the case is settled

Getting arrested is not something you can prepare for. In the event that you or someone you love is unexpectedly taken into custody, having James Bail Bonds Company on your side could be an immense help. There are a number of infractions that can result in arrest. Sometimes, due to the nature of the crime, law enforcement officials have no choice but to perform an arrest. No matter who gets arrested, their friends and family members are likely to share the arrested person's concern: "How do I get out of jail quickly and legally?" In situations like this the services of James Bail Bonds Company are needed.

Whenever someone is arrested, an arraignment is scheduled shortly thereafter. The purpose of an arraignment is to have a county judge determine the amount of money that will be necessary before the arrested person, the "defendant", can return to life outside of jail. The price of freedom, called bail, could be anywhere between a few hundred and a few million dollars. Many families cannot afford to pay the full bail amount, and it's for people like this that the James Bail Bonds Company was created.

Although it's necessary to return to the court for sentencing, a person can be released on bail and return to their daily life until their court date arrives. James Bail Bonds Company can get your loved one out of jail in as little as a few hours, for a small fee. Being freed from jail means they're able to go about their business with no restrictions, as long as they return to court for their court date.

Ainsford James
99 NW 183rd St , suite 204B, Miami Gardens, FL 33169