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Letter To the Gays
Date and time: Monday June 15 - 2015. From -
Venue: Danny Sim Fanny
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I contemplated writing an article that would handing out my opinions about gays and the gay rights machine. I knew I had to do some research so I went to the internet to research the arguments for and the arguments against gay rights.
First I researched the arguments against gay rights and found some very interesting articles - one in particular at this link . Then I read a couple more articles. Interestingly some of the things I found in those articles were the very same points I was about to make in mine - only worded differently.
Then I went to research the arguments for gay rights. The first thing I noticed in those articles is that - unlike the arguments against it did coincided with each other - each article have different opinions and regarding their support for it. None of those the systems of belief was cogent or have any degree of logic of theory. Even a well put together theory would suffice me because I was desperate for answers. Coming from my research on arguments against gay rights to reading the arguments for it was like I was coming from a high and as soon as I came to the arguments for gay rights part it just blew my high.
The reason why I went to research the arguments for gay rights is because I didn't want to put out an article that was condemnable, so I went to do my research on both sides so I can understand where gays stand and how or what part of their beliefs I could support. I do not believe in arguing against a matter if it makes sense so my mission to learn about gays was to read something that properly articulates and document their beliefs.
I know that a lot of people gay people are very educated from a university standing and should be properly able to articulate their beliefs so why is it that there is no good or sensible argument or article online to articulate those beliefs given the - so many gay rights activists - that are out there.
Where are the arguments for gay rights? Why should gay people be married to each other? What are you asking us to support? Are you writing us a blank check and telling us to go cash it because your credit is good and we should - without question - just support something because you said it?
Let us not have a debate about your rights as due to every person by law but whether you are right. You see! You are not giving us anything to work with here because you obviously do not have a fundamental belief, because if you did you would have documented it. It now occurs to me that no one more than yourself have a struggling disbelief about your life style. You are just trying to gain the support so that you can feel justified in what you are doing because you do not have the foundation on which to feel justified about it otherwise, since you cannot procure a reason good enough to make sense.
Gay people don't seems to be interested in what is wrong or right but in getting other people to support them in what they are doing. This is why they go to the ends of asking questions out of contexts in famous interviews - as we know them - to try to get people who matters to support them, because they feel that if they get affluent people to support what they, obviously, know is wrong that can - sort of - make that wrong right.
The fact about gay people is that they DO NOT BELIEVE that being gay is right. Therefore their objectives is not to prove their points because it is impossible to argue or logically convince somebody about something if you yourself doesn't truly believe. Now how do I know that they don't believe that being gay is right, because, not only do they not have an argument or theory to base their life style on but they if they truly believe that what they had been doing is right then they would not need any body's approval. When they ask what you think about gay rights, what they are seeking is approval and not opinions.
Why do I say they seek approvals and not opinions? They know that just as they are CLAIMING to be fighting for a right to their opinions, you have your opinion to, and if your opinion about gays rights is against gay rights then its still an opinion that you have a right to hold. They could not be protesting for their rights and not respecting yours ,or believe that you don't have a right to object to what they support.
I do not believe that a persons sexual ambitions have anything to do with what they do for a living or how they perform their jobs. Why do gay people like to reveal their sexual business without anybody asking them about it. Why do they bring up their sexual preferences in and on matters where it was neither asked nor required? Why do they try so hard to push their sexuality and its preferences up in places where it doesn't belong, and require a vote on what somebody else think when the individual is on a career path that does not require the relevance of any sexual preferences on either side? Are the looking for people to help them believe what they believe?
It has come to the place where if you disagree with gay rights then you become a target. This means that they will try to affect your livelihood and even endanger your life or that of your families. Gay people and the gay community and its gay rights machinery are essentially bullies that seek to question other people outside of their beliefs and damage them in any way that they can. This is a diabolical system that needs to be checked. These are not mutual people and they are DEFINITELY NOT minority. What we have on hand is a well organized machine that is geared to floor anyone who does not support them.
Although I tried to stay away from religion, writing all this have revealed to me that this situation resembles the beast that the bible spoke about in revelation. It implies that anyone who will not surrender or accept this mark will be punished. I have never seem a system with more power and ability to damage and hurt people life than the gay rights machine.
As I wrote the previous paragraph, something also occurred to me - since I touch the subject of the mark of the beast, it is about the 666 number associated with that. Here is how I envision that. First of all 9 is the number that represents child's birth, whether you look at it from the pint of view of the shape of the child in the womb or the 9 months it takes to bear a child. Now 6 depicts a child growing in the womb - notice that that image of the child growing in the whom symbolically looks like and represents the number 6. It takes 9 month to give birth to that child and when it comes time for that baby to be born the baby have now turn head down in the womb. Thus the 6 now becomes a 9. Evidently, when you turn a 6 up-side-down it becomes a 9 and represents the image of the giving of birth. In a gay marriage home it takes 3 person to raise a child, the 2 biological parents and the none biological parent which is the spouse of the gay. Those 3 represents the 3 6s - 666. The 666 together represents the gay couple that cannot give birth since 2 of the same sex cannot produces a child. So it is not hard to think of this type of marriage as the mark of the anti-christ
Then the same book of Revelation also state something like this. You either have to be hot or cold because if you are like warm He will spew you out of His mouth. This must be talking against people who are mutual on the subject of gay. I never meant to write about all this stuff, its a revelation that occurs in real-time so don't knock me down here. I am a freelance writer. I come in search for truth - my opinion doesn't matter. What is important is that I can help somebody by my writings.
I use to say that It doesn't matter whether a person is gay or not. I know people who are gay and some are gay and they are some of the nicest people you ever meet. However, while I was in that state of mutuality, I had a epiphany one after noon that left me very scared. The Holy Spirit brought me into a vision to reveal to me the abomination. What I saw in that vision was started out as people of all color as I had embraced them, then they began to transform into demons with filthy flesh that was decaying. What I say was the dead - spiritually dead - and even though I never understood before what it meant to be spiritually dead, it was revealed to be in that moment and in my spirit I understand what is the meaning of those things. Like the book of Revelation that is so hard to understand because it was all in a vision, it is hard for me to explain in words what I saw as revealed to me in my vision. It is a very very horrible place to be when you are gay and cant see whats wrong with it.
I pray for those who have not seen the truth that they will. if after you have seen the truth or heard the truth you continue in the path that you have been treading then you bring that condemnation to yourself. Your conscience know who you are and you know the truth. Examine yourself, make a change, do the right thing. Find you a spouse of the opposite sex and do all your loving there. In the real world where sex is between a man and a woman, love sometimes hurt and it hurts because its real but its the right way to go. Don't hide from yourself, seek the truth, don't go to hell.

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